Alluxi designs and builds complex, scalable & safe applications.

We build technology for organizations, agencies and startups around the globe.

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We use an extensive amount of technological resources in order to give the best of our service in different areas, always looking to adapt to client's needs.

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Agile methodologies

The software process changes constantly over the years. Previously developing software required a lot of resources, time and money.

Nowadays, due to the high rate of failed projects and a very competitive software industry, more and more businesses and startups are looking for new methods to reduce failures and time to reach the market.


At the beginning of a project we rely on an easily expandable and modifiable model of a planned system, including its interface and its input and output functionality. Overcoming numerous tests until we reach a successful result.

MVP Development

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which we base our principles of work to satisfy our clients giving them the minimum of what a project needs to work as soon as possible. This way we can then dive into a loop of feedback and develop, so we can reach the final product in optimal time and conditions.


As part of Alluxi team, we consider crucial to be completely committed with our clients, this is why we offer a technical support in the shortest posible periods of time through the process of working together. Listening and learning from our clients we invest time in growing a relationship that will directly support the result of the project.


Why do our clients prefer us?

  • We have a specialized team ready to support you in your project.
  • We use modern tools.
  • We constantly improve our work methodologies to provide you with the best service.
  • We always look for the most effective solution at the best price.

“Always understanding our requirements to the detail, designing and developing high quality software.”

Erasmo Zequenze

Erasmo Zubillaga

CEO Zequence LLC

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